Marsala Horatio S.O.M Ambra Secco Marsala

Marsala Horatio S.O.M Ambra Secco Marsala DOC 2011, Cantine Pellegrino (750ml)

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Dedicated to the famous English admiral Horatio Nelson, who at the end of the eighteenth century would use Marsala wine to refresh his crew considering it to be a drink with
special healing benets.
Light amber colour. Balanced, with hints of apricot and dry g and pleasant vanilla notes Moderately dry with delicate notes of apricot.
How to pair: Ideal end of meal wine that should be tasted at a temperature of 12°-14°C paired with dry pastries and marzipan desserts. Surprising during an aperitif with fried finger food, such as Sicilian arancinette (little rice balls) with meat ragu.